Date : 13-10-17 18:25
BNP Innovation, SmartSee media engine proven best PLC
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Using a dual point PLC BNP Innovation SmartSee framework introduced media engine.

Samsung conducted itself in recent comparative evaluation of the from the BNP Innovation by its Dual point PLC, SmartSee framework equipped
with said device provides the best performance.

Comparison of test methods for the G711 and G722 wideband codec delay 100ms delay relative to currencies of less than 5% of the maximum delay caused by
packet loss and Jitter wired and wireless MOS values measured in the state in a way that was held.

Test results, BNP Innovation media engine SmartSee framework of packet loss of 5% or more at 3.5 G711 G722 is more than the 3.4 that provides voice quality was
measured at up to 10% packet loss, MOS 3.0 was estimated to provide more than.

The voice quality results, as shown in the table above, the blood biaen media engine of innovation SmartSee framework provides the best performance two existing
overseas who G's voice quality and DSP-based hardware-based processing provides better performance than the device can be seen that

Avoid SmartSee framework biaen single core engine of innovation, android, iOS, Window, and to provide cross-platform linux and embedded linux environment,
smart phones and a wide variety of PC and on a device for voice and video calls are easy to implement.

SmartSee framework media engine key features and benefits

- 40ms minimum delay processing of less than

- 10% or more packet loss, MOS 3.0 or higher at a powerful PLC functionality

- QCIF, CIF, 288P, 352P, 4CIF, VGA, WVGA, 480P, HD 720P video image processing

- G711, G723, G729, AMR NB / WB, iLBC, SILK speech codec available

- H263, H264 basic, main, high profile video codec provides

- Multipoint voice and video calls

- Audio and video recording function

- AEC, AGC, NS, CNG engine functions such as providing a strong voice

- Android, iOS, Window and linux development environment, such as providing appropriate library and
  high level API Sample source code and documentation, and provide