Date : 13-06-11 17:20
BNP Innovation, mobile remote monitoring solution "SmartSee DMS 2.0" release
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'SmartSee DMS 2.0', applied to the monitoring center and the factory production line

A leading provider of domestic mobile videoconferencing BNP Innovation (CEO SJ LEE) is the next generation of mobile remote monitoring solution-
'Smart See DMS 2.0' release announced that the 20 days.
Real-time two-way video communication is possible SmartSee DMS 2.0 In the event of a sudden disaster situation using smart phones and smart pads
-immediately transmitted to the field situation, the initial response to the central control room enabling mobile solution.
With the location information transmitted from the central control room where the situation occurred and the information can be checked immediately transmitted -
to the server, such as images and location information directly been recorded is stored for follow-up.
SmartSee DMS 2.0 disaster control center, as well as the factory production line monitoring, emergency rescue center of the house, such as disease management can be applied to various fields. Run the application, and only immediate action, especially the large initial investment compared to regular monitoring facility can be built at
low cost advantages.
BNP Innovation CEO "LTE network expands to the demand for mobile remote monitoring solutions are increasing," said "SmartSee DMS 2.0 is required by the public authorities and companies to meet the various requirements of a remote monitoring market to go to create a new trend, "he said.