Date : 13-06-11 17:21
BNP Innovation, SmartSee DMS AIR release
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Using a smart phone mobile control solution provider, BNP Innovation (CEO SJ LEE) air traffic control solutions using a drone launched SmartSee DMS AIR.
This product, called helicam drone with the camera mounted on the LTE air from the central control center in real time while watching video images 21 times zoom in / out can control.
In addition, control over more than 500m the 5Km from the line of sight is possible in situations where strong winds of about 10m per second HD-quality real-time high-definition video is transmitted to the central control center. In addition to the smart phone video in real time via the air traffic control can be the best collaboration in emergency situations that meet the conditions is characterized.
The BNP Innovation "SmartSee DMS AIR remote control through a three-dimensional omni-directional and was able, as well as large-scale wildfires kind of person who, for direct fire, chemical plant accidents that happened recently and will be used effectively in similar situations," said.